Things To Consider When In Search Of An Outdoor Refrigerator

Refrigeration systems are quite vital in the food industry If you are in search of a reliable outdoor walk-in cooler, you will need to put some factors into consideration. Here are some of the things to remember when you want to purchase an outdoor walk-in cooler;

1. Is there enough space?

The availability of space in your business is one of the things you should consider if you want to bring in a walk-in cooler in your restaurant business. The outdoor walk-in cooler is appropriate if you don’t have enough space inside the business.

2. Do you intend to expand the business?

A good eatery or food business should always have a projection of some years to come. How do you see yourself in the next five years? Anytime you start a restaurant, you should always have a plan and intention to make it grow even further. So the outdoor walk-in cooler will also be suitable if you intend to expand the business in the future. Maybe you want to have a bigger kitchen in the restaurant. With the outdoor cooler, it wouldn’t mess things up since the system is installed outside.

3. Do you need a freestanding or the butted unit?

This is another factor you need to keep in mind. Just so you know, the abutted unit is that which has a door that opens to the inside of the building, while a freestanding unit has a door opening to the outside.

Also, the abutted unit will need you to install a drip cap for the extra safety of the walk-in. As compared to the freestanding units, the butted walk-ins tend to be more long-lasting. Also, the freestanding units are more susceptible to theft since they are more exposed than butted units.

4. What is your budget?

The outdoor walk-in coolers come in different sizes and styles, meaning that the price will also vary. In most cases, they will be more expensive than indoor walk-in coolers. However, you should be ready to spend that extra dollar if you want to have a stable refrigeration unit for your business The outdoor cooler will require a concrete pad to act as its standing ground. Other customizations will need to be added based on the surrounding. All in all, make your calculations in advance before you think of installing the outdoor cooler.

You can find reliable outdoor walk-in coolers at AWIC, where they come in different sizes, and you can also request specific customizations. Also, the company has some financial assistance to help you acquire the unit regardless of your initial budget.

What is the Chinese Hot Pot?

Chinese cuisine is one of the richest in the world because of its ancient culinary tradition.

The Hot Pot or hot pot is a tradition in China since the late 19th century. There are different theories about the origin of this dish but the most important thing is that it has managed to become a dish known worldwide.

There are two types of Hot Pot, the traditional and best known in each place and the Imperial Hot Pot that we prepare for you at Yumem in Oriental Food Blog.

It is a meal that gathers all the diners around a central pot in which each one immerses different foods in a broth that are cooked and consumed at the moment.

The Yumem in Oriental Food Blog Imperial Hot Pot

At Yumem in Oriental Food Blog, we have wanted to transfer the essence of this famous dish to the city of Madrid, with a very personal touch, to begin the celebration of the Chinese New Year, the year of the golden ox.

We present the Hot Pot in an impressive imperial pot, decorated with great care, containing a broth of oxtail, ginseng, lemon Grass, and beef loin, in commemoration of the Chinese New Year that is celebrated on these dates. This type of pot is prepared to keep the broth hot for the duration of the food. You can even modify the temperature if necessary.

This pot is accompanied by dishes with different natural ingredients that the diner will choose and introduce into the cooking broth and eat at the moment.

The options are very varied, thus being able to taste different flavors and textures. We will find typical seasonal vegetables in Chinese cuisines, such as fresh pak choi, yellow Chinese cabbage, fennel sticks, spinach, winter turnip, Chinese chives, and bean sprouts. You will also have a special selection of mushrooms, among which shitake and enoki stand out. You will also enjoy tofu in two textures, on the one hand, in fried sheets and, on the other, in a crunchy batter. You can choose between cooking the shrimp dumplings with ginger or the smoked loin head. Finally, you will find lotus dough rolls filled with vegetables or sweet potato noodles and fresh rice pasta.

In the case of meats, they are presented in very thin slices so that their cooking time does not exceed 10-15 seconds.

This variety of products is what allows you to taste many ingredients of traditional Chinese cuisine. 

Imperial pots for the Hot Pot

These pots are extremely special as they are decorated with cloisonne, an ancient and extremely delicate technique for decorating metal objects.

Cloisonne has a history of more than 600 years and has its origin in the city of Beijing, with the Yuan Dynasty. His palace went up in flames and the Jinluan hall, where all the treasures were located, was reduced to ashes, except for a bright and colorful aquarium that was the predecessor of the cloisonne. Since then and with the skill of numerous artisans Beijing has managed to become the largest producer of this material.

To carry out this technique, thin metal wires are welded to the surface of the object to be decorated in order to obtain a pattern. These patterns are visible and have been created with the aim of obtaining numerous compartments. This is then filled with various colors of enamel, which are baked, browned, and polished.

In ancient times, carrying out this type of decoration was slow and very expensive. Today the processes are much faster.

What is a Hot Pot?

Hot Pot, one of the oldest dishes in Chinese gastronomy, is characterized by having a broth in which different ingredients are introduced. The possibilities that this dish gives us are enormous but there are a number of common products.

Ingredients such as chicken or beef bones, ginger, onion, and herbs used in Chinese medicine for their numerous properties are used to obtain a rich and tasty broth. The original recipe usually has a large number of hot spices that make it the best dish to consume in winter.

Veal and lamb are the most common meats to cook the broth, although in our case we opted for Rabo de Toro which, in addition to being very tasty meat, achieves a thick and dark broth full of flavor. The pieces of meat that accompany it are usually the same and are presented in very thin slices so that their cooking is easy. They are accompanied by any type of vegetable that is common in Chinese cuisines such as bean sprouts, some fish such as prawns, mushrooms, and noodles.

What are the Most Traditional Festivals In China?

In China, all of our holidays are guided by the lunar calendar. It is for this reason that no year our parties and festivals coincide on the same dates. In today’s article, we are going to tell you the origin, history, and traditions of our most traditional festivals in China.

In general in our country, festivals have always been carried out in order to pay tribute to our ancestors. Many of them are associated with ancient and ancestral cults.

What are the most traditional festivals in China?

Although there are many well-known celebrations in our country, there are some more traditional festivals in China that have managed to cross borders and reach the rest of the world. Let’s start with the first one that in this year 2020 has its big day on February 12. The Chinese New Year, starring the ox.

Each year is represented by an animal that changes in a cycle of 12. We leave the rat behind and welcome a year governed by discipline, order, effort, work, and family. It is a celebration that lasts two weeks, although we started preparing it about two weeks before.

We Chinese are very superstitious and carry very old traditions that will mean that we start the year in the best possible way. For example, the color red is the predominant color on these dates for anything. From the decoration of streets and houses, people’s clothes, to the envelopes with money that we give to friends and family as symbols of good luck.

The second most relevant celebration for our culture is the Festival of the Moon. It is also known for the mid-autumn festival since it usually coincides with this time of year. According to our lunar calendar, it is celebrated on the 15th of the eighth month. This year it will be October 1.

This festival has a history of more than 3000 years. It began to celebrate coinciding with the harvest season. Ancient Chinese emperors worshiped the moon to thank it for the harvest of that year. It is a national holiday in China and it is a special time for the family to get together.

Another of the most important festivities is that of the Dragon Boats. According to our calendar, it is celebrated on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month. In 2021 it coincides with June 14.

Its history dates back to more than 2000 years ago. The most popular legend about the origin of this celebration is the commemoration of the death of the great poet Qu Yuan, a patriotic and exiled official. He drowned in the Miluo River. Despite the fact that large groups of people went out to look for his body, they never found it.

How are the most traditional festivals celebrated?

Each party has its customs and we are very superstitious. We carry very old traditions in the most traditional festivals in China. In the case of Chinese New Year, doing some of them will mean that we start the year in the best possible way. For example, the color red is the predominant color on these dates for anything. From the decoration of the streets and houses to the envelopes with money that we give to friends and family (symbols of good luck).

In addition, we eat a series of foods that have great symbols for us with the intention that everything they represent will accompany us during the new year that we begin. The fish is a symbol of prosperity, the rolls symbolize wealth, the noodles refer to the longevity of those who eat them or the fruit of good luck like the orange (now it is not surprising that it is one of the fruits with the that most meat is accompanied in Chinese cuisine).

This festivity lasts for 16 days. It is very important that everything goes well in these two weeks since if we find ourselves involved in a bad situation it is a bad omen for the whole year that begins.

At the fall party or moon festival, all family members gather and dine together around a table, share the typical food of this party, the moon cake, make offerings to the moon, throw lanterns or lanterns into the sky. and they do regional activities.

As we have already mentioned, the most common food during this party is the moon cake. It is a traditional pastry product that is made with lotus seed flour, sugar, and powder. Its shape is round. How could it be otherwise, it has the symbolism of family reunion and happiness. It is cut into portions that match the number of family members sitting at the table. Other foods that are eaten during the festival are those that are part of the harvest (pumpkins, grapefruits, and grapes).

Lanterns are one of the greatest entertainments for both children and adults. They make them in different shapes and sizes and leave them on the riverbank until the light from the lanterns disappears.

At the Dragon Boat Festival, locals row their boats upstream and downstream, pounding the water with their oars and pounding drums in order to drive away evil spirits, keep Qu Yuan’s body-safe, and as a last option, find it your body.