About Us

Since last March 29, 2015, the Yumem in Oriental Food Blog has been in existence, and we have made many great friends, sharing cultural and culinary customs and also learning the of our clients.
Both the decoration, the dim lighting and the oriental elements of our restaurant will make you enjoy oriental cuisine even more if possible.
Come and enjoy with us, we want to continue celebrating many more years with you! At Yumem in Oriental Food Blog, you can enjoy the most original, fresh, healthy, and tasty flavors of oriental food, so that you can feel at home!

At Yumem in Oriental Food Blog, we offer authentic traditional oriental cuisine, sometimes seasoned with daring forays, but always with the use of the best products made with the wisdom of our expert cooks as our guide. If you don’t know us, come and let yourself be conquered by the best oriental gastronomy in California. We go back 6 years ago when Yumem in Oriental Food Blog opened its doors and many people have been showing interest in oriental cuisine.
Since then, our restaurant has become a true reference, maintaining its spirit until now.
The basis of its great reception by customers and critics is, as from day one, respect for the rich gastronomy that the Asian giant offers.
Yumem in Oriental Food Blog is a safe bet for the traditional and imaginative aspect and with very attractive prices.